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Music - introduction to the world of music

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of music.
Enhance your child's musical understanding and allow it to develop the scientific thinking process as early as possible.
Build and play with these exciting music instruments:
  • panpipes
  • drum
  • guitar
  • low toner in water
  • carillons
  • wind chimes
The kit contains the necessary parts.
Easy to use image guide which allows the child to work alone. No need for literacy.
From 5 years on.
While building them, your child will begin to realize that tension affects percussion and the string' thickness influences the way it sounds. By assembling a music box, wind chimes and playing with water levels in glasses, the young child will perceive the difference between producing music and making noises. The child will begin to explore dilicate sound nuances.

Price: 12.00 EUR [In stock]
Item #: TOK-1040


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