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Captoy is a small Danish family business run and managed by physicist and former high school teacher Allan Christiansen.
As a physicist, Allan has always been interested in and fascinated by science, but as a high school teacher he saw that his passion for science was shared by some, while for others it was difficult to find joy in it.
That is why he currently runs Captoy, which specializes in providing developing and fun toys that ensure that children and arrow fingers of all ages can share in the joys of science. With the toy, the hope is that children can both be introduced to the joys of science, but also that those who already have the interest can be further challenged and improve their skills.
Captoy started in 1994 as a side job, but over the years has developed into a full-time job for Allan, where the whole family helps.
Learning can happen in many ways, which we try to reflect in the products sold with us. Everything from increasing fine motor skills through embroidery and jewelry creation, to building volcanoes, playing with dinosaurs and experimenting with solar energy.
The goal of Captoy is that everyone should have the opportunity to discover the joys of science and that learning should always be a breeze.
We hope you enjoy helping us realize our dream.
If you have any questions regarding the products or the choice of them, you are always welcome to contact us.