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Introductory sets

Sets with toys that allow children in kindergarten and preschool age the opportunity to start their exploration of the world around them and to give them insight in numbers to. Toys which develops the child.

Spring til: The numbers world and geometric figures - Understanding the outside world

The numbers world and geometric figures

Multilink number track

1 m long figuring stick. The 10 parts are assembled into a long stick. By putting the small pieces of stick, the children learn to count, sort, add, subtract, multiply, divide and measuring lengths. From 3 years and up. See more about Multilink number track here.

Item #: GI-1006
Price: 9.00 EUR [In stock]

Math Balance

Mathematics balance bar is an exciting way for kids to learn about numbers. First, the children learn to count and read numbers. Later they learn to add, subtract, greater than, less than and multiply by small numbers. From 3 years and older. See more about Math Balance here.

Item #: GI-1603
Price: 30.50 EUR [In stock]

Number puzzle, 1-15

The classic numbers puzzle where the goal is to sort the numbers in the correct order. Includes proposals to 3 different sorting orders. From 7 years. See more about Number puzzle, 1-15 here.

Item #: BA-3875
Price: 5.00 EUR [In stock]

Abacus in wood

Abacus in wood. The abacus is 29 cm high, 25 cm wide and marbles are about 1.8 cm in diameter. See more about Abacus in wood here.

Item #: BA-1950
Price: 18.50 EUR [In stock]

Abacus - number grid

Learn to count on the help of a number grid. 20 cm in size. From 3 years and upwards. See more about Abacus - number grid here.

Item #: GI-1188
Price: 17.20 EUR [In stock]

100 ordinary dice game

Bucket with 100 regular dice game. The dice has six sides, each of which has 1 to 6 dots. The cubes have a side length of 1.5 cm. See more about 100 ordinary dice game here.

Item #: BA-8955
Price: 39.00 EUR [In stock]

Ordinary dice with 6 sides

Common dice with six sides and having 1 to 6 dots on the sides. The cube has a side length of 1.5 cm. See more about Ordinary dice with 6 sides here.

Item #: BA-8955a
Price: 0.50 EUR [In stock]

Understanding the outside world

Watch to learn the clock

When you turn on the big rod follows the small correctly. The clock face is 13 cm in diameter. From 3 years and up. See more about Watch to learn the clock here.

Item #: GI-1190P
Price: 4.90 EUR [In stock]

Hammer game

Classic hammer games with small hammer, pieces and sticks. Create beautiful designs with the many pieces. A total of 243 parts. See more about Hammer game here.

Item #: BA-1839
Price: 17.20 EUR [In stock]

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