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GI-7427 - Terrain walking robots


It's fun to build an all-terrain robot. Once the robot is built, it must be tested how it works and how much it can handle without tipping over.
Build these 8 different robots and become more aware of the possibilities and challenges of building off-road robots. All the robots go their own way. For example, the 4-legged terrain robot goes by constantly keeping its body at the same level as it progresses step by step. The kango robot, on the other hand, jumps on its 2 legs. The Leapard robot has 4 long legs while the water bear robot has 4 short legs. The shrimp model twists forward like a swimmer while the monkey model uses its arms to crawl along a leash.
Exciting and challenging toys for children from 6/7 years - 13 years.
Collection guide with pictures and explanatory text in English.
STEAM toys.

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