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Solar energy

Explore energy from the sun, and test how solar cells can convert energy from the sun into electrical energy, which for example can be used to drive motors, have propellers to rotate or bulbs to light.

Learn about solar energy

Solar energy

Build your own solar energy laboratory. Try with more than 25 experiments on how solar energy can be utilized. Contains parts to collect solar energy, solar heater, energy focusing lens, thermometer and English guidance. From 8 years. See more about Solar energy here.

Item #: TOK-3050
Price: 13.20 EUR [In stock]

Gigo 7399 Build a car which runs on solar cells

Build 5 different outdoor models with engine and solar cells - or put a battery in and use it at night or in the winter. You can build a solar car, helicopter where the propeller running around, a wind machine, a plane where the propeller running around on solar energy or Gyrocopter. The kit is suitable for children from 7-8 years of age. Picture assembly instructions included. See more about Gigo 7399 Build a car which runs on solar cells here.

Item #: GI-7399
Price: 18.50 EUR [In stock]

Gigo 7303 Solar Energy Set

Build 10 models with solar cells and see how the sun's rays can make things move. Can also run on battery - so it can also be used when the sun is not shining. 120 parts including motor, solar cell and battery holder. From 8 years and upwards. See more about Gigo 7303 Solar Energy Set here.

Item #: GI-7303
Price: 45.00 EUR [In stock]

Gigo 7349 Vehicles on solar energy

Build different vehicles working on solar energy. Detailed description of 6 different models, for example plane and helicopter. The kit contains 177 parts. Toys for children aged 8 years and older. See more about Gigo 7349 Vehicles on solar energy here.

Item #: GI-7349
Price: 47.00 EUR [In stock]

Gigo 7345 Solar energy

Build 22 different models and experiments with solar power from 2 solar cells. Image guidance with a little English text. The set contains 263 parts. From 8 years and up. Can also be used with batteries. See more about Gigo 7345 Solar energy here.

Item #: GI-7345
Price: 89.00 EUR [In stock]

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