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Optics - introduction kit

Welcome to a wonderful world of optics and optical illusions. Introduce your child to eye-opening activities and hours of fun discovery. Build a periscope and the child will be able to see what is happening both backwards and forwards.
Play with mirrors. The child will reflect light and divide it into colors, learn to distort and invert images. By looking in a kaleidodope and combining this with light filters the child will see beautiful optical phenomena.
By flipping the cards, the child will learn about optical illusions. With the combination of the light filters and the colored images, the child will begin to feel that the perception of colors depends on the light that strikes our eyes.
Build the following:
  • periscope
  • kaleidoscope
  • underwater rainbow
  • faces that disappear
  • magic mirror
  • colors that change
  • play with rotating illusions.
Contains the necessary parts.
Illustrated guide, English / Danish.
From 5 years.

Price: 10.50 EUR [In stock]
Item #: TOK-1050


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