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Magnifying glass - 3x, 6x, 60 mm

It's always fun to enlarge things with a magnifying glass. This magnifying glass is a popular medium size and fits well for most purposes.
Take a stroll in the wild with your magnifying glass and find all sorts of things - from insects, rocks, branches, flowers, ... Study them with your magnifying glass and take home the most exciting finds. At home, you can study them more peacefully and perhaps find additional information about them.
Also, explore your home. You will be amazed at how many exciting tin you will find in the kitchen or in your room. Enlarge 3x in the 60 mm circle.
Magnifies 6x in the handle just below the circle - 20mm x 10mm.
From 6 years onwards.
The loupe itself is 16 cm long and 7.5 cm wide.
Remember, never, never, never look up at the sun through a magnifying glass as you risk burning your eye to pieces.

Price: 5.50 EUR [In stock]
Item #: EDU-MG060


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