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Outdoor topple tower and Domino - XXL size

Both big and small will get excited about the game with this giant 2 in 1 turret and domino game.
With the 30 XXL pieces, the tower is built first. Then select one of the tower pieces, which is carefully removed, whereupon it is placed on top of the tower. This repeats the players in turn until the tower overturns. With the cube, you can possibly decide which color piece to remove
The large tipping tower will start with 22 x 22 x 40 cm high when all the pieces are close together. As new pieces are laid on top, it grows in height.
Mega domino game with an extra game variant, as matching colors and numbers are related to the colors of the dice.
Mega-blockers can also be placed one after the other and thus create a domino effect when the pieces are rolled over from that end.
The practical carrying bag is used for storage and transport of the weather-resistant plastic pieces, each with a size of 22 x 6 x 4 cm. .
XXL dominoes for boys and girls from 3 years of age and up to adults. The play promotes the children's motor skills, concentration and dexterity.
The domino game is a wonderful indoor and outdoor activity for a birthday party for children and a varied leisure activity for clubs, a day care and retirement home. By playing, the ability to concentrate, patience, motor skills and dexterity are trained. Suitable whether you are at home, at home in the garden or on the beach.

Price: 39.90 EUR [In stock]
Item #: ALL-60065


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