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Nature around us

Here are toys and educational set about the nourish surroundings. Collect and study of small insects, picking your own flowers and make excellent cards. You can also learn about various weather phenomena or make your own meteorological measurements at a weather station. Learn about the night sky or imitate a real volcano.

Spring til: Biology - Weather and Astronomy - Volcanoes


Discovery set

Explore nature with transparent insect container with magnifying glass, 30 cm high insect container made of plastic, nets, magnifying glass and tweezers. From 6 years. See more about Discovery set here.

Item #: EDU-BL029
Price: 29.00 EUR [In stock]

Leaf press

Leaf press, size 19.5 x 19.5 cm with a maximum media thickness of 3.8 cm. See more about Leaf press here.

Item #: BA-1670
Price: 17.20 EUR [In stock]

Flower press

Flower press, size 19.5 x 19.5 cm. Press thickness 2.5 cm. See more about Flower press here.

Item #: BA-7857
Price: 21.20 EUR [In stock]

Experiments of nature

31 exciting experiments with insects and plants. Build a ball observation, study caterpillars, butterflies, ants, beetles, locusts and frogs and learn about photosynthesis and the importance of sunlight. English and Danish guidance. From 8 years. See more about Experiments of nature here.

Item #: TOK-7078
Price: 23.80 EUR [In stock]

Photosynthesis in a tube

Make experiments with photosynthesis, and see how plants can change color depending on the amount of sunlight. In addition to the parts in the kit, you must have access to a water plant / aquarium plant for example one called Anakaris (Water Pest). From 6 years of age in collaboration with an adult. English instructions. See more about Photosynthesis in a tube here.

Item #: ART-196422
Price: 13.50 EUR [In stock]

Life cells

With this set you can learn about the different cells of plants and animals. In the 15 page guide with pictures and text explanation of the different cells and how they work. The supplied parts are used to illustrate the text - make it easier to get a in touch with the content of the text. From 6 years and older. English instructions. See more about Life cells here.

Item #: ART-196414
Price: 15.95 EUR [In stock]

5 finished samples with insects

A total of 5 completed microscope specimens mounted on glass with earthworm, flatworm, ant, mosquito and honeybee. The samples are placed in a small box. See more about 5 finished samples with insects here.

Item #: PCA-PS52
Price: 8.50 EUR [In stock]

5 finished samples with plants

A total of 5 complete specimens mounted on microscope slides of onion, stalk of corn, tomato leaf, carrot and leaf of a rice plant. The samples are placed in a small box. See more about 5 finished samples with plants here.

Item #: PCA-PS54
Price: 8.50 EUR [In stock]

5 finished samples with insect wings

A total of 5 completed microscope specimens mounted on glass with wings of a bee, a butterfly, a fruitfly, a fly and a mosquito. The samples are placed in a small box. See more about 5 finished samples with insect wings here.

Item #: PCA-PS55
Price: 8.50 EUR [In stock]

Petri dish

2 plastic petri dishes with lids plus 2 packets of agar and a tweezers. The petri dishes having a diameter of 5 cm. On the backside there's a little experiment with growing bacteria. From 9 years. See more about Petri dish here.

Item #: PCA-SS17
Price: 5.20 EUR [In stock]

Bacteria farm

Make your own bacterial farm and learn what bacteria are and see how bacteria grow. Learn about the different types of bacteria - both the good we need and the bad that makes us sick. From 6 and up. English instructions. See more about Bacteria farm here.

Item #: ART-196415
Price: 18.50 EUR [In stock]

Large insect glass with magnifying glass

Go for a walk in the woods or on the beach with the kids and let them collect insects, leaves, stones, ... Come find it in the insect glass and look at it while you're out and about. Bring the most exciting things home and take a closer look at the ones at home. Insecticides can also be used to collect water from puddles, small lakes or from the sea. You will be amazed at how much there is to find. From 4 years onwards. Insect glass with a diameter of 10,6 cm and a height of 11,5 cm. See more about Large insect glass with magnifying glass here.

Item #: BA-6992
Price: 9.00 EUR [In stock]

Insect bag with telescopic rod

Take a walk in the wild and use an insect bag to catch some insects. Store them in an insect glass and examine them afterwards. When you are done, they should be shut out again in the wild. Insect bag with a diameter of 20 cm. Telescopic rod that can be up to 65 cm long. See more about Insect bag with telescopic rod here.

Item #: BA-1530
Price: 5.50 EUR [Out of stock]

Weather and Astronomy

To make weather

31 exciting experiments with the weather. Build a barometer, a humidity sensor and an anemometer, with lights indicating wind speed. Make your own clouds, rain and thunder. English and Danish guidance. From 8 years. See more about To make weather here.

Item #: TOK-7074
Price: 23.80 EUR [In stock]

Solar system planetarium

Build your own solar system planetarium and learn about the different planets. Put the planets together and paint them with colors and luminous paints. Put the planets on the poles and assemble it all into a model of our solar system. The planets can be rotated relative to each other. Use the accompanying guide to learn about the planets and then search for more information on the internet and through play you quickly become the most knowledgeable among your friends. For example, look for both information about the planet and the spaceships that have passed the planet over the years. Also seek information about the sun and moon. From 8 years onwards. English guide. See more about Solar system planetarium here.

Item #: BA-10329
Price: 19.90 EUR [In stock]

The Solar System Mobile, large

Make you own Solar system mobile. The planets are spheres with a diameter of up to 7.5 cm and the mobile is in total 75 cm x 75 cm. Includes luminous paint to paint the planets so they can be seen in the dark. Will also include a large poster (59 cm x 42 cm) to hang on the wall. From 8 years. See more about The Solar System Mobile, large here.

Item #: BA-5919
Price: 31.90 EUR [In stock]

Stars in the Galaxy

Project the stars up in the ceiling, and learn about the night sky. Can rotate and the light can be turned on. CyberSky program on the CD ROM supplied with (in English), so the stars can be seen on the computer. From 8 years. English instructions. See more about Stars in the Galaxy here.

Item #: EDU-GE018
Price: 46.50 EUR [In stock]


Volcano experiments

Build a realistic volcano eruption with lights and sound. With the kit, you can demonstrate different types of eruptions, making lava light as well as learn about active volcanoes. From 10 years. English instructions. Requires the participation of an adult. See more about Volcano experiments here.

Item #: EDU-CM011
Price: 38.00 EUR [In stock]

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