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Make experiments and play with magnets in various shapes and sizes. Also, try to make different sculptures on magnets or prints in a "pin art".


Magnet race car

Learn about magnetism and the magnetic north and south pole. Build magnetic racing cars, playing with iron shavings, make your own compass and play with the ring and rod magnets. From 8 years and up. English instructions. See more about Magnet race car here.

Item #: ART-196406
Price: 15.95 EUR [In stock]

Chaos Pendulum game / decision tool

Decision Maker / chaos pendulum games, the pendulum is started and rotates until it finally stops at one of the activities that are laid on the plate. Includes 12 different slices with suggestions for activities. You can also make your own plates with activities you will choose from. See more about Chaos Pendulum game / decision tool here.

Item #: AN-1206
Price: 11.90 EUR [In stock]

Magnet kit with 15 small magnets

Exciting kit of 15 different magnets. Contains round, square, horseshoes, rod and ring magnets. See more about Magnet kit with 15 small magnets here.

Item #: KDB-3610
Price: 5.50 EUR [In stock]

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