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Gigo 7406 Crossbow and catapult


It is always fun to shoot and throw with a ball - and when you can then build 10 different shooting and throwing models it will be incredibly fun. Build catapult and crossbow.
A total of 10 models with different casters:
  • Ballista - a catapult used in ancient warfare to throw large stones
  • Mangonel - a military equipment for throwing stones and other missiles
  • classic arm breast
  • retraction crossbow
  • connecting crossbow
  • scorpion crossbow
  • gentle (model 1) - a machine used in medieval siege warfare to throw large stones or other missiles
  • gentle (model 2)
  • catapult
  • weighted catapult
For the 8 - 11 year old it will be fun to build the appliances, play with them and shoot to the finish.
For the 11-14 year old, it will also be fun to start understanding some of the physics behind a throwing machine.
For the 14 - 16 year old you will be able to study the throwing motion in greater detail.
110 parts.
From 8 years - 16 years.
Collection guide with pictures - technical explanations in English.

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