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OFFER - Gigo 7335R Remote controlled car / RC car

Build 20 different models with infrared remote control.
  • 3 wheel car
  • big truck
  • mini sports car
  • car collecting balls
  • car that can be folded
  • beetle car
  • elevator
  • crane
  • lift truck
  • truck
  • scissors lift
  • bulldozer
  • drill
  • mining machine
  • bat
  • football robot
  • play robot
  • propeller airplane
  • beetle
  • robot arm
The kit contains 3 electric motors, all of which can be remote controlled. The kit contains a total of 151 parts.
Toys for children aged 8 years - 15+.

Price: 89.00 EUR (Default price 99.00 EUR) [In stock]
Item #: GI-7335R


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