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GI-7438 The great engineer builder


Discover the physical laws of cars, machines and technical equipment. For the young engineer, building and understanding the many different machines is an exciting challenge. Gradually, a greater experience and understanding of the underlying physics and engineering sciences is developed.
Build the following machines:
  • surveyor wheels
  • spinning top
  • hydraulic lift
  • robot arm
  • forklift
  • dragster - kind of super sports car
  • Tricycle
  • crane
  • pneumatic shock absorber
  • car with brake
  • catamaran
  • land yacht
  • jetboat
  • submarine with pump station
  • glider with maple rods
  • hang gliders
  • helicopter
  • windmill
  • holder for stabilizing camera
  • tripod stand
  • selfieholder
  • microscope
Exciting toys for the creative engineer builder from 8 to 14 years.
Collection guide with pictures and explanatory text in English. Altogether very exciting and instructive 136 pages for the interested engineer builder.
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