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Exciting "Play and learn" toys for use in teaching and at home.


Let the children have many interesting experiences with lots of different "play and learn" toys.


Most of Captoy many products are suitable - and is already used in teaching - to nature and technology profession as well as in other science and more creative subjects.
Here we will highlight in particular:

Look in all the various product categories and find the school material you would like for your teaching.

Kindergartens and clubs

Several of Captoy's products are also suitable for kindergartens and clubs, and in many preschools / clubs are children already playing for many hours with kits and IQ-sets from Captoy. The most useful and most frequently used products for kindergartens and clubs are:

Also here we can encourage to take a walk around the different product categories, and be inspired to find fun and educational toys for the children in your particular institution. In the category Kindergartens are special offer composed of several boxes that provide a larger group of children the opportunity to play without the feeling that they are missing something.

IQ Key for private and in the education.

IQ Key system:
IQ Key gives children an understanding for technique and physics through exciting, fun and creative See How It Works Play. The base of the IQ Key sets is the transparent capsules with motor and different gears, and the children can study how the different gears work.

IQ Key for Clubs and kindergarten:

IQ Key is used in different kinds of child-care-taking institutions for children between 6 and 13 years.
IQ Key is one of the childrens most appreciated toy sets.

IQ Key is manufactured with a very high quality and it will not break even if many children daily are playing with it. The children learns fast how to build without help.

IQ Key for kindergarten:
Children from 6 years and up may have great fun playing with IQ Key.