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Outdoor play

Try getting a boomerang or flying ring to fly, get a timber Jo-Jo to spin or find your way by using a compass.

Outdoor toys


Boomerang with a size of 34 cm. See more about Boomerang here.

Item #: LE-62541
Price: 7.90 EUR [In stock]

Ring toss

Toss ring with a diameter of 29 cm. See more about Ring toss here.

Item #: LE-62542
Price: 7.90 EUR [In stock]

Discovery set

Explore nature with transparent insect container with magnifying glass, 30 cm high insect container made of plastic, nets, magnifying glass and tweezers. From 6 years. See more about Discovery set here.

Item #: EDU-BL029
Price: 18.50 EUR [In stock]

Flower press

Flower press, size 19.5 x 19.5 cm. Press thickness 2.5 cm. See more about Flower press here.

Item #: BA-7857
Price: 15.80 EUR [In stock]

Item #: AN-1213
Price: 3.30 EUR [In stock]

Metal detector - 1 meter

Metal detector with high sensitivity and a 1 m long handle. Easy to use. Uses 1. 9 V battery (not included). From 8 years. See more about Metal detector - 1 meter here.

Item #: KDB-14501
Price: 35.80 EUR [In stock]

Metal detector - handheld

Hand-held metal detector. Easy to carry and easy to use. Requires 1 x 9 V battery (not included). From 8 years. See more about Metal detector - handheld here.

Item #: KDB-14502
Price: 25.00 EUR [In stock]


Detective kit. Playing detective is a special experience that sharpens the senses. The guide offers suggestions for 67 different activities. From 8 years. Guide English. See more about Detective here.

Item #: TOK-7080
Price: 23.80 EUR [In stock]

Compass and thermometer

Fine compass with many functions to use out in nature. Includes compass, thermometer, signal whistle, LED light and magnifier. See more about Compass and thermometer here.

Item #: BA-592
Price: 9.20 EUR [In stock]

Play with bubbles

16 exciting experiments with soap bubbles. Eg. build soap bubble harmonica, bubble chain, giant buble, catching a bubble, bubble in a bubble. From 8 years. English guide. See more about Play with bubbles here.

Item #: TOK-7084
Price: 23.80 EUR [Out of stock]


Compass with convenient cord to hang it in. The plastic base plate on which the compass is located approx. 11 cm x 6 cm, and the compass has a diameter of 3.5 cm. The compass dial can be rotated relative to the base plate. Suitable for children aged 8 years and older. See more about Compass here.

Item #: EDU-PH005
Price: 5.00 EUR [In stock]

Build cars that run on water and air

Build 15 models of how water and air pressure used to get cars to run and machines to work. Be amazed at how much energy can be stored in water pressure. This is a really fun and educational kit. Contains 165 parts. From 8 years and older. See more about Build cars that run on water and air here.

Item #: GI-7323
Price: 45.20 EUR [In stock]


Discover how a windmill works. Build windmills which are up to 96 cm high. Ability to build two different wind turbines with generators and six other models. Contains 133 parts and a detailed image guidance in 40 pages on English. From 8 years and up. See more about Windmill here.

Item #: GI-7324
Price: 47.00 EUR [In stock]

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