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Nature around us

Here are toys and educational set about the nourish surroundings. Collect and study of small insects, picking your own flowers and make excellent cards. You can also learn about various weather phenomena or make your own meteorological measurements at a weather station. Learn about the night sky or imitate a real volcano.

Spring til: Biology - Weather


Experiments of nature

31 exciting experiments with insects and plants. Build a ball observation, study caterpillars, butterflies, ants, beetles, locusts and frogs and learn about photosynthesis and the importance of sunlight. English and Danish guidance. From 8 years. See more about Experiments of nature here.

Item #: TOK-7078
Price: 23.80 EUR [In stock]

Leaf press

Leaf press, size 19.5 x 19.5 cm with a maximum media thickness of 3.8 cm. See more about Leaf press here.

Item #: BA-1670
Price: 16.00 EUR [In stock]

Flower press

Flower press, size 19.5 x 19.5 cm. Press thickness 2.5 cm. See more about Flower press here.

Item #: BA-7857
Price: 15.80 EUR [In stock]

Hydro lab, indoor gardening

Indoor garden where there can be grown plants and vegetables. From 10 years. English guide. See more about Hydro lab, indoor gardening here.

Item #: TOK-8740
Price: 35.80 EUR [In stock]

Discovery set

Explore nature with transparent insect container with magnifying glass, 30 cm high insect container made of plastic, nets, magnifying glass and tweezers. From 6 years. See more about Discovery set here.

Item #: EDU-BL029
Price: 18.50 EUR [In stock]


To make weather

31 exciting experiments with the weather. Build a barometer, a humidity sensor and an anemometer, with lights indicating wind speed. Make your own clouds, rain and thunder. English and Danish guidance. From 8 years. See more about To make weather here.

Item #: TOK-7074
Price: 23.80 EUR [In stock]

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