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Crystals and stones

Learn about different types of crystals and growing your own beautiful crystals - the largest can grow to 10 cm high. Try even to excavate small crystals of rock nuggets, or find your own rock out and sharpen them beautiful with a stone grinder.

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Stone and stone grinding

Stone grinding

Discover the fascinating world of rocks and minerals. Find rock at the beach and elsewhere and use the drum to grind them. It is always fun and nice to grind stone. From 10 years and older. See more about Stone grinding here.

Item #: EDU-EL008
Price: 59.00 EUR [In stock]

Refill kit to the stone grinder (EDU-EL008)

Refill kit to the stone grinder (EDU-EL008). Contains 2 bags of stone, six bags of abrasive powder, 1 necklace, 4 adjustable rings, 3 key rings, 3 pairs of hanging earrings, 12-holders to put the stones onto. From 10 years. See more about Refill kit to the stone grinder (EDU-EL008) here.

Item #: EDU-MC019
Price: 13.20 EUR [In stock]

4 bags grinding and polishing powder for stone grinder

4 bags grinding and polishing powder for stone grinder (EDU-EL008). There is a bag with the coarse abrasive powder, with fine abrasive powder, with the polishing powder and the fine finishing polishing powder. See more about 4 bags grinding and polishing powder for stone grinder here.

Item #: EDU-MC019P
Price: 3.20 EUR [In stock]

Excavation crystal stone

Excavate a treasure consisting of five pieces of rock, mineral or crystal. See more about Excavation crystal stone here.

Item #: BA-9241
Price: 9.20 EUR [In stock]

Excavation crystals

Excavation of 8 beautiful crystals. Excavate the beautiful natural crystals, study them with magnifying glass and put them on display plate or save them in skin bag. From 5 years. See more about Excavation crystals here.

Item #: BA-9051
Price: 13.20 EUR [In stock]

Excavate for "gold"

Excavation stone of genuine pyrite. Pyrite resemble gold nuggets. You can also study them with magnifying glass and store them in the supplied pouch. From 8 years. See more about Excavate for "gold" here.

Item #: BA-9287
Price: 13.20 EUR [In stock]


Crystal growing - simple citrin

Try growing your own crystals. With this kit you can make a big beautiful crystal "Golden citrine. From 10 years. See more about Crystal growing - simple citrin here.

Item #: LE-42018
Price: 10.00 EUR [In stock]

Crystal Growing - large set

Grow your own beautiful crystals in various colors and shapes. From 10 years. See more about Crystal Growing - large set here.

Item #: EDU-CM007
Price: 34.60 EUR [In stock]

The Magic garden

Set the Magic garden up and let the trees and plants suck up the crystal liquid. Fascinates and looks really great. English guide. See more about The Magic garden here.

Item #: AN-1205
Price: 9.20 EUR [In stock]

Crystal Jewelry

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