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See how chemical reactions are a major part of our daily lives, and study how fluids behave, including when they appear as bubbles.

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Chemical sets

See how chemical reactions are a big part of our daily lives, and study how fluids behave, among when present as bubbles.

Find introductory chemical sets for younger children, more advanced everyday chemical sets for slightly older children and big sets with over 100 chemistry experiments for over 10 years.

Chemical sets for the smallest:

Let the youngest children (from approx. 5-6 years) be allowed to make their first chemistry experiments. Let the example. children be allowed to write a secret message, play with colors, separate different materials, experiment with a balloon or soap bubbles. Picture Guide.

Chemical sets for those over 8 years:

This is a very popular chemical sets with 60 exciting experiments in chemistry from the everyday. The kids are going to do a whole lot of experiments with real-life example. grow crystals, make a volcano, separating pigments create their own glue, perfume, make plastic out of milk, write magical messages. Many ingredients of knowing in advance the children, because, inter alia, to use things like cabbage, lemon, vinegar, baking soda, water and milk. The English and Danish instructions with illustrations for each test makes it both easy and fun to do experiments.

Find also soap bubble kit which children can make the most amazing soap bubbles.

Chemical sets for those over 10 years:

For the older children's massser of fun and learning to try out a large chemical sets with over 100 chemistry experiments. Here, the children also use things they already know from their everyday lives. The experiments are more demanding but they are described in a readable languages (English and Danish) and illustrations for both easy to understand the trial and then execute it.


Chemistry kit - introduction

Chemistry set with six activities in chemistry. Write a secret message, absorption and colors, separated materials, balloon and soap bubbles. From 5 years. Picture Guide. See more about Chemistry kit - introduction here.

Item #: TOK-1080
Price: 7.80 EUR [In stock]

Chemistry set with 60 experiments

Chemistry set with 60 exciting and educational experiments. From 10 years and older. Image Guide with English text. See more about Chemistry set with 60 experiments here.

Item #: TOK-7075
Price: 29.20 EUR [In stock]

Chemistry set with 150 experiments

Chemistry set with 150 exciting experiments. The kit is designed for children from 10 years onwards, but in cooperation with an adult, most experiments can be made by children from 8 years onwards. See more about Chemistry set with 150 experiments here.

Item #: TOK-8360
Price: 45.00 EUR [In stock]

Bubble Science

Blow mega giant soap bubble, unbreakable bubble, make a soap bubble film and more. Enjoy the beautiful soap bubble geometry, soap bubble art and sculpture. Make many soap bubble tricks and learn about the science of soap bubbles while you have fun - hours of fun play. Includes instructions for making your own bubble mixture. From age 5 and up. English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese instructions. See more about Bubble Science here.

Item #: BA-0291
Price: 15.90 EUR [In stock]

Play with bubbles

16 exciting experiments with soap bubbles. Eg. build soap bubble harmonica, bubble chain, giant buble, catching a bubble, bubble in a bubble. From 8 years. English guide. See more about Play with bubbles here.

Item #: TOK-7084
Price: 23.80 EUR [In stock]


Build a realistic volcano eruption with lights and sound. With the kit, you can demonstrate different types of eruptions, making lava light as well as learn about active volcanoes. From 10 years. English instructions. Requires the participation of an adult. See more about Volcano here.

Item #: EDU-CM011
Price: 26.50 EUR [In stock]

Petri dish in glass

Petri dishes in glass and with a lid. Diameter 100 mm. See more about Petri dish in glass here.

Item #: PCA-GLP100
Price: 2.40 EUR [In stock]

Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle made of ceramic. The mortars outer diameter is 6 cm and its height is 3.5 cm. On the back side of the package there's a little experiment with the use of the mortar. From 9 years. See more about Mortar and pestle here.

Item #: PCA-SS05
Price: 3.90 EUR [In stock]

Pipettes and pH paper

3 pipettes with different sizes of suction tips plus 80 Strips pH indicator paper. On the backside there is described experiments with acids and bases. From 9 years. See more about Pipettes and pH paper here.

Item #: PCA-SS08
Price: 3.20 EUR [In stock]

Plastic test tubes with screw caps

2 plastic test tubes with screw caps. Can contain up to 50 ml. On the backside there is a small study that shows how rainwater can dissolve statues. From 9 years. See more about Plastic test tubes with screw caps here.

Item #: PCA-SS12
Price: 2.60 EUR [In stock]

Petri dish

2 plastic petri dishes with lids plus 2 packets of agar and a tweezers. The petri dishes having a diameter of 5 cm. On the backside there's a little experiment with growing bacteria. From 9 years. See more about Petri dish here.

Item #: PCA-SS17
Price: 3.40 EUR [In stock]

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